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While this has been a somewhat crazy and unpredictable winter, I have been able to finish and print the next poster from CDENature. This new poster features 33 Native Michigan tree buds in winter. For those wanting help in identifying trees in winter or for the classroom I think this poster will be helpful. While my tree bud collection is just shy of 50 species, I have chosen 33 of the more common trees from southern Michigan. I have also begun to ad shrubs to the collection and maybe in a few years a shrub poster will come out. These posters which measure 12×18 inches, along with other items and photos I have produced will be available on Etsy or by contacting me direct through the contact page on this web site.

Another project that is coming to fruition is the tree identification signs and web site for the Hudsonville Nature Center. These signs are printed on a pvc plastic with UV resistant inks which will allow them to be weather resistant and durable. The signs at the HNC are scheduled to be installed as early as possible this spring. Each sign has on it the common and scientific names of the trees and a QR code that when scanned with your smart phone will take you to the location on the web page for that tree. The web page contains identification information as well as other information about the trees and their uses. This can be found at

If you are interested in these signs and information for a web site like we have done for Hudsonville, please contact me for information on producing these signs for you. I can also write or help you write the information for the corresponding web pages. These signs can also be used for wildflower identification or other marker signs out of doors.

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