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Cold Weather Insects


Bruce Spanworm

On a couple of occasions in early and mid-November I found the female Bruce Spanworm Moth, also know as Winter Moth. There were a few of them on the trunk of a Box Elder tree. The females have under developed wings to the point that you would think they have no wings. These moths hatch after the first freeze in the fall. The females wait for flying males to find them to mate and then the crawl up the tree to lay eggs on branches where they hatch in the spring. There is one brood per year and the adults may be found in October and November and possibly December. Leaves of Sugar Maple, American Beech, and Trembling Aspen, are the preferred food, but they will also feed on willow and various other deciduous trees.

On the same outing in the middle of November I also found the Green Stink Bug pictured below.

Even when it is cold out, you never know what type of life and activity you will find. Some insects overwinter in Michigan as adults in leaf litter, under tree bark and other sheltered places, so keep an eye out to see what interesting creatures you can find when everyone else thinks there is nothing worth looking for in the woods.

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